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Baby lugger for St Ives Bay

22. oktober 2014

Offentligtgjort af Classicboat

Baby lugger for St Ives Bay

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A new lugger was launched into St Ives Bay this September, bringing the town’s fleet of these traditional local boats to six.

She was built by Jonny Nance, founder of the St Ives Jumbo Association, which reinvigorates local boat types like this for people to sail in the bay. This one was launched at the annual Boats in the Bay festival, at which all six boats sailed, joined by Barnabas and Happy Return. The new lugger was designed and built by Jonny in clinker larch on oak. She’s 11ft 6in (3.5m) long, and a sailing adaptation of the old working beach punts. The originals were sculled, so she has no centreboard, but Jonny has deepened the keel. She seats three adults comfortably and her new owner, Peter Lee, is reportedly delighted.

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